To meet the growing demand for integrated and automated systems specifically-designed for surveillance, storage and administration of digital and analog cameras, the Digifort System presents the new concept of Digital Governance which completely changes the way in which companies and small businesses perform in the area of physical security and personal safety.

Making use of the most advanced concepts of digital intelligence in the area of surveillance and physical security, the Digifort System embarks upon a new age in the active and passive surveillance of security cameras, integrating solutions and offering the most modern in terms of surveillance, access control and automation, in distributed and accessible manner using the most varied means of communication used in by the organization.

Camera Surveillance System

Control, view and record images from IP or analog cameras and encoding devices. As well as manage a variety of modules created to work seamlessly creating an easy and logical digital interface console. Allowing administrators and users to personalize their experience.

Our platform has a friendly graphic drag and drop interface based on Windows and display of screens. Drop menus, help windows and manuals in the chosen language. We have 4 versions to meet the needs and complexity of the market. Learn More

Video Analytics of the Digifort System

Using this module it’s possible to identify aspects of images such as change of scenery, objects left behind and removed, direction of movement, etc., and generate a previously programmed action, allowing the operator more efficiency and faster response time to incidents and events. Learn More

Digifort LPR System

This module has been designed to handle recognition of vehicle license plates in low and high speeds. It will allow you to store and manage vehicle plates, creating a real-time working database. This information will work with other Digifort’s components, such as IO’s and alarms.

It’s designed to integrate with third-party systems for the analysis of the captured data. In addition, LPR allows the user to take measures when a registered plate is identified. Learn More

Digifort Keyboard Controller

Specially Engineered keyboard controller, Digifort DGF-KB1000 was developed to give greater speed and facilitate the entire operation of the Digifort surveillance, eliminating keyboard, mouse and joystick.

The keyboard is multi-use with dual functions and has an integrated joystick with variable speed pan, tilt and PTZ functions. Allowing for fast camera searches and placement on desired monitors. Learn More

Digifort Biometric Reader

Our Biometric Reader allows control of system logins via Biometrics. The biometric login eliminates unauthorized use problems and loss of passwords and even strengthens the security of the system. Learn More

Digifort Evidence System

Once again thinking of quality and ease of execution of the client’s processes, we have created our newest module – Digifort Evidence.

This is an optional, but important module which allows the classification and documentation of events that occurred in the surveillance system, including the archiving and organization of video footage and any files related to the occurrence for later look-up, and the generation of administrative and statistical reports. Learn More

Alarm and Automation Module

By way of an I/O controller Ethernet interface, specially developed for our software, as well as a few other market available branded controllers the client can manage their entire alarm system, lighting, HVAC or access points. Important solution contributing to automation controls.solution as well as contribute to its automation.

Basically this device offer input ports (dry contacts), output port (relays). Please contact us for a list of other branded integrated modules. Learn More

Digifort Mobile

This mobile application allows the users to access cameras found in any Digifort server directly from their cell phone at any moment and in any place.

By way of technologies like 3G/4G and WiFi, it’s now possible, not only to view the images of the cameras that are being managed by Digifort, but access many important functions, such as opening and closing of gates and doors, turning on/off lights, etc. All this with an intuitive configuration and easy installation of Digifort Mobile. Learn More

Digifort InSight

Digifort InSight is a screen capture software that is able to run in any computer having a Windows operating system. The software literately converts the screen output into an IP channel, generating streaming video to the Digifort server containing the desktop screenshot of where it is installed. This solution allows the visualization in the Digifort Surveillance Client of all the workstation monitors in which it is installed, enabling the display of a set of screens in the Digifort mosaic, simulating a Video Wall, among several other solutions. Learn More